Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chivda, when hunger pangs

Chivda is crunchy, crispy snacks made out of pressed rice flakes. Back home this was one of the most commonly home-made snacks we ate. This is an easy to make snack. I never tried making chivda till I came to US, I wouldn’t have dared to if I had found some tasty and a li'll fresher snack pack. Once I found this really horrible, smelly stinky pack of chivda and chakali ( Murrukku) and I swore I would never buy these from now onwards and make these at home. I haven’t tried my hand at chakali since I don’t have a chakali maker, But I have made chivda Numerous times now.
Chivda is made from Poha/ pressed rice. These are easily available in any of the Indian grocery stores. These are available in two forms, Thick and Thin/Nylon Poha. This poha is seasoned with cumin seeds, curry leaves, chilies and turmeric. A dash of sugar adds the li'll sweet-ish after taste. To get the crunchy , nutty taste addition of peanuts, cashew if you like and some roasted dal adds the required flavor. This snack can also be made with thick Poha, but it has to be deep fried. Its not healthy and its mess to make it too that is why I stay with thin/nylon poha.
Let’s check the recipe.

Chivda/ Chivdo ( in konkani)

4 cups Thin Poha
1.5 Tbl spn jeera
1 cup mixed nuts
1/2 cup daalia or phutaNe
1.5 t spn turmeric powder
7-10 chilies ( adjust as per your taste)
a few curry leaves
2 tbl spn sugar
salt as per taste
7 tbl spns of oil

Heat oil in a Kadhai. Add the poha and stir it in for about 4 mins, keep aside. In the same kadhai add a tbl spn of oil and fry peanuts and cashews. Keep along with the toasted poha. Add the remaining oil in the kadhai, when it is hot add cumin seeds, asafoedita, curry leaves, chilies and turmeric. Now add the fried nuts, and stir well. Add in the poha and stir till poha is well coated with the tempering. Add salt and sugar and stir but NOT very hard or vigorously.
Let this cool, then store it in a Jar.

When served with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro leaves and lemon juice tastes the best.
For variation you could add about 2 spoons of saunf /fennel seeds ( just before adding poha). This lends an excellent flavour.

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Asha said...

Love Chivda in Misal. I don't get those thin poha here, thicker ones are good for frying in oil. Looks great, yummy snack!:)

ranji said...

i love this ....a great healthy snack..i make this often.:)

Sangeeth said...

i make this often too..lovely love them

Medhaa said...

I Love This snack but never make it at home. Should try it. Thanks for sharing

Cham said...

I love it this easy and simple snack. Looks great

Laavanya said...

The store bought snacks can be such a disappointment.. This looks great and no deep frying :)

Meera said...

Chivda looks very delicious, Pooja

Uma said...

Yummmy poha.

Divya Vikram said...

love this..but havent tried it at home..Thanks for the recipe

SMN said...

i love chivda too...luks great!

foodwithapinchoflove said...

Love chivda ... will try it out soon ...

And a surprise with two awards for you at my blog at the post:

Vanamala said...

my fav chivda .... often i make this ..nice snack

Mallika said...

I had almost forgotten about this recipe from my childhood. Thanks so much...

Sia said...

thats one classic tea time snack... i can carry munching on it. we dont get thin poha here to make this though :(

Seema (Jyoti) said...

Hi thanks for sharing it with us , i tried it and it was relished by my whole family.I wish to pass on all the praises to you .thanks

xyzandme said...

Am having this right now!!!

it was in the refrigerator.
And it tastes weird.. but nice :p