Wednesday, February 20, 2008

VaraN-PhaL aka Dal Dhokali

This is also known as Dal Dhokhali in gujrathi cuisine. This is basically a very warm one meal dish. Very flavorful, very comforting and easy to make too. It’s my savior on days I don’t feel like making rotis but not in a mood to eat rice or noodles. A perfect meal after a long day at work.
Varan-phala literally means varan - cooked dal/ lentils, phal - fruit which here refers to the little wheat diamonds. This is actually boiled dal with flavor wheat flour pieces boiled till they are cooked. Dal is cooked with spices, garlic and onions. Adding a spoonful of ghee/ clarified butter gives it the fragrant aroma which will envelope your kitchen by the time you finish cooking. It will linger around you nose as you plate some ladle full of varanphal. The garlic is like the flavorful goodie which enhance the flavor but has no over powering garlicky smell or taste. It’s added to add flavor but not take over. The cooked phala taste sooo good that with every bite you feel so comforted. This is a very tasty meal with the regular ingredients. Phala is made with wheat flour, spices, and carom seeds. This dal is basically flavored with Goda Masala/ Kala Masala. This is for me a very desi version of pasta. This is a perfect stew you want to sip/eat and bit into during bone chilling winter of Connecticut. This is hot-sweet sauce with flavored wheat dumplings is perfect!

For Dal/Varan
1 cup Toor dal
1 medium sized onion
1 tbl spn Kala / Goda Masala
1 medium sized garlic clove
2 tbl spn grated jaggery
2 t spn turmeeric powder
1 t spn Chili powder
2 pinches hing
1/2 t spn mustard seeds
2 tbl spn oil
2-4 tbl spn ghee
salt as per taste

For Varan/Dhokali
2 cups Whole Wheat flour
2 tbl spn carrom seeds
1 tbl spn chili powder
salt as per taste

How to make dhokali/phala:
Mix all the ingredients except water. Add water as required and kned the flor till soft. Keep aside for 5 minutes covered with a damp cloth. Roll into roti but a little thicker. With a pizza cutter or a simple knife, Cut into small diamond shaped pices or any other shape you like. keep this ready before you start making dal.

1. Cook Dal with 1 t spn of turmeric powder. Cook this in a pressure cooker upto 3 whistels. Once the pressure is off, mash dal till smooth.
2. Heat Oil in a kadai/ heavy bottomed pot, Add the mustard seeds, a pinch hing. Add the onions, fry till they are pink. Add garlic and cook for about a minute. Add turmeric powder, goda masala , chili powder. Cook till the masala is fragrant.
3. Add dal and 4 cups of water. Add the jaggery & salt. Let the dal come a full boil.
4. Now add the dhokali/Phala. Let this boil on medium/low flame for about 20 minutes or til the wheat dumplings are comepletely cooked.
5. Now add the ghee/calrified butter

Its been a long time since i participated in any of the blog events so with this I participate
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Nags said...

this looks so yummy! i am hoping to cook something this weekend for RCI!

Madhu said...

Very new dish to me, looks yummy.

Laavanya said...

Very comforting indeed. I made this once before but liked the dhal more than the dhoklis.. very flavorful.

Asha said...

Great entry. This dish is like Indian style Pasta or Lasagna. YUMMY!:))

Pooja V said...

Nags : Wow...I'll keep looking for that yummy delicacy.

Madhu: THis is a wonderful comfort food.

Laavanya : The Dal is very flavourful but the carrom seeds in dhokali make them interesting.

Asha : It is indian styled pasta and very healthy too.

Happy cook said...

Looks delicious.
I have no clue about gujurathi food. If you serve this for me i will eat them with pleasure

Vanamala said...

Lovely .... but new to me.... will try it !!

Meera said...

Looks yummy! I just love it. One of the comfort foods for me.
Also, have blogged what you told me to, hope you like those two fiery curries!! :-)

bee said...

both j and i absolutely adore this dish. time to make it again. this would a great entry for CLICK flour.

Reshma said...

sounds interesting and that bowl looks like the most comforting thing to hold on a cold day.

zlamushka said...

This looks so smooth and silky, I d love to get a bowl.

Meera said...

Wonderful entry!! Comfort food, indeed!

Trupti said...

varan phal looks very yuuuummmmyyy. I love this dish very much.

SHIVA said...


After searching long for this recipe, and at last leaving all hopes that I would not get this recipe ever on net, I found your blog. I am so glad that I found it.

Now I will cook it since even I am not in a mood to cook rotis today. Thanks a lot.