Friday, February 29, 2008

Thalipeeth - Mutigrain Breakfast food

I have been thinking of participating in all the blog events but so far i haven’t been able to that. When Suganya Announced her Healthy Eats event I was very sure I will participate in this event. A month has passed by and so far I haven’t cooked Anything that would qualify for the event. Recently I made Thalipeeth and struck me What better than a healthy breakfast made with many different whole grain flours.
Thalipeeth is a savory roti-like but with different flours. You could make Thalipeeth with any flours of your choice. BhajaNiche Thalipeeth is very common amongst Maharashtrians. In goa we make Thalipeeth with only rice flour. Both have very unique taste. I love BhajaNi Thalipeeth for its more nutritious and easy to make. BhajaNi is basically medley of Rice, Jowar, Chana Dal And wheat Flour. This is spiced using cumin & coriander. Typically all these are toasted indiviaully and ground in a mill. Then these are stored in air tight containers to last a long time. Whenever you feel the craving for a thalipeeth you just scoop out a little add all the fresh goodies, herbs and toast on a hot skillet with oil drizzled. Serve this with a generous amount of soft, fluffy, cloud like looking home made butter and hot pickle. This aromatic roti is best eaten when served directly off the skillet. The Indian grocery store near my house didn’t have any bhajani and I do not have a mill to grind the grains at home. So I decided on making a simpler version and trust me this is soooo good.

Thalipeeth Recipe


For Bhajani
1 cup Wheat Flour
1 cup Besan
1 cup Jowar Flour
1 cup Rice Flour
1 Tbl spn Cumin POwder
1 Coriander POwder

Method: Toast all the flours indiviaully in the microwave for 20-30 secs. Then Everything and microwave for another 15-20
sec. ** The flour should be warm, make sure to adjust the time on your microwave accordingly.

For the dough
2 cups BhajaNi
1 small Onion, Finely chopped
2 t Spn coriander leaves
2 t spn Red Chili powder
1/2 t spn turmeric powder
2 chilies, finely chopped
Warm water to knead flour

3-4 t spn Oil for cooking

Knead the flour with all the other ingredients till the dough is soft enough. This dough is a not like regular roti dough, it tends to be very sticky. The dough is shaped into roti with your hands directly on tava. Back home we use two tavas to cook these. You make a Thalipeeth and keep on the flame and in the mean time get the other tava ready. When the first Thalipeeth is cooked, the second skillet is pladced on the flame. So when the second is cooked the first tava is cooled, so now you pat a Thalipeeth on this ...( did i sound v confusing ?).
Back home in Goa, we use a Plastic sheet to roll out thalipeeths so i used the same technique. This way use need just 1 skillet. Amongst the other things will be a bowl of water.

Lay the Plastic and with your hand light smear some water over the plastic. Now take a ball of dough and start patting it with your hand. Start by wetting your hand and patting and also finish-off with water. This way it will not stick to your hand when you try to put it over the skillet.
After you are done rolling the thalipeeths, make sure you have drilled a couple of holes to drip a few drops of oil. Cook this on medium high-high flame till done. It will b brownish and crisp.
Serve this with Butter/ LoNi and pickle.

I send this off to Suganya for her WBB-Healthy Eats event.


Happy cook said...

It sure looks healthy and delicious

Asha said...

I made thalipeeth too for her Pooja. I love your's too. I like the holes, it makes rotis crisp, great idea!:)

Suganya said...

Thalipeeth with a smiley face...A great way to start the day. Thanks, Pooja.

Nithu said...

Looks good. I have not heard of this recipe. It's new to me. Thanks for sharing

Meera said...

Hey Pooja, that thalipeeth looks perfect! Very traditional with holes. Yum, I can eat it with hot chai!!:-)
There is a surprise waiting for you at my blog. Hope you like it! :-)

Trupti said...

Hey Pooja, I love this thalipeeth. For variation you can just use rice flour. It tastes good

bee said...

this is such a great way to use up assorted flours in the pantry. thanks for the step-by-step instructions.

Richa said...

love that thalipeeth! urs has turned out so good!

jayasree said...

Looks delicious. Loved the use of mutligrain in thalipeeth. shall try it.

Pooja V said...

Happy cook : Its very healthy, filling and Yummy !

Asha : Yeah, I had seen yours and loved it too.

Suganya : A power packed way to begin a day !

Nithu : I am glad you liked it.

Meera: I am so glad you liked it. And Thanks for the award.

Trupti : Yeah i make that too not very often though.

bee : Its a very healthy and yummy way!

Richa : Thanks :).

jayasree : Glad you liked it. Dont forget to tell me if you have liked it.

Laavanya said...

That looks crisp and perfect Pooja - nice one.