Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pita Pizza

First of all Happy Valentines day !

Pita Pizza, you may wrinkle your nose and say, WHAT? I have tried many types of pizza before but with this one I just struck gold. Thin crust pizza, chicken in the crust pizza, Herbs crust, cheesy-thick crust etc to name a few. Infact I have tried pizza where the pizza base was made at home, tried with frozen base etc. I have never been disappointed and with every try I was happy. But when I tasted this at a friends place I was amazed. First of all it’s great, especially with paneer, veggies, kebbab-styled chicken etc and secondly it is so easy to make (that is because I never make Pita at home).
When Pita is baked with all the goodies the crust is very crispy. The tomato sauce helps maintain some moisture hence making this crust very flavorful and yum. The layer of veggies and/or chicken and or herbs makes it immensely favlourful.You could either combine all of the above toppings or a combination from above or anything else that you like. If you like the pizza with chili flakes or jalapenos than add it. I personally like jalapenos. The top most layer is cheese which becomes gooey and yummy. With every bite the goodness of cheese-herbs, slight heat from jalapenos and veggies make it a fun experiment in the mouth. This pizza takes 20 -25 minutes in all, this includes making the sauce, chopping the vegetables and baking it. This is just perfect on a weekday when you don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. Making sauce is as simple as buying Pita from the store.

Lets make the sauce then
1 t spn Olive oil
1 Onion, finely juliened
1 tomato ( pulsed in the vegetable chopper or grated by hand)
a pinch of dried herbs
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
salt as per taste

Heat oil in a vessel. Add garlic. When it is aromatic, add the onions. Fry till they are pinkish in color. Add tomato, herbs and salt. Cook till the oil starts leaving the sides of the vessel.

While the the sauce is cooking, Chop all the vegetables that you would like on you pizza. Also Preheat the oven at 300 F.
When the sauce is cooked, you can go about assembling the pizza.

1/2 cup shredded mozorella
1 cup chopped veggies

**I had spring onions, capsicum, sweet corn kernels, pearl onions, mushrooms**
1/2 veggies
1 tbl spn Jalapenos
a few chili flakes
a pinch of Chat masala ( optional)
1 t spn dried herbs

Assembling the pizza Take the Pita Bread. Lightly brush with butter using a pantry brush (this is optional step). Now smear the sauce on the Pita bread. Add chicken, veggies etc of your choice. Add a few chopped Jalapenos, sprinkle a few chilly flakes. Now cover this with shredded mozzarella cheese. If you would like Add a few parsley or cilantro leaves. bake in the over at 300 F for 10 -12 minutes.You are ready to eat a hearty meal.

Incase you are adding Kebab styled chicken, drizzle it with chat masala for a desi pizza hut flavor.
If you do not want butter brushed on the bread then add about a tbl spn extra sauce.

Join me over the weekend for my next cake.


Pravs said...

what an idea ! looks yummy.

Dhivya said...

wow..great entry pooja...pic looks yummy and delicious..i am drooling over here:))))))Happy V day

Cham said...

The top layer is gooey and tempting a lot. Happy Valentine Day!

Asha said...

In fact, Pitas are great for kids' Pizza, it's quick and kids always love Pitas too! Send it to Vanamala for "Kid's food". Looks great. Happy V day and weekend!:)

Richa said...

i agree, that pita is a good thing to have in the pantry, d-lish!

Pooja V said...

Pravs: Thanks !! I am glad you liked it.

Dhivya: I am so happy you liked it.

Cham: Ohh yeah !! Its v addictive.

Asha: Thanks for reminding me about the kids food event. I am doing it right away.

Richa: Yeah its a savouir on longggg days.

Happy cook said...

Wonderfull idea a,d delicious too. I am starving now

vimmi said...

Have been thinking of making it with naan. Saw it on Traders Joe website. Pita is great idea too.,

Superchef said...

Happy Valentines day to you too Pooja!! :) the pizza is sooo very cheesy n yumm!!

Cynthia said...

Hope you had a great V day honey.

DEEPA said...

Wow!!Pita pizza ....awesome idea!!!

priyaskitchen said...

ohhh nice idea....

TBC said...

Just saw naan pizza somewhere else. You girls have such great ideas! :)

Samta said...

hi Pooja
my first time here. Loved this idea.
Will try it over the weekend.