Friday, December 14, 2007

Perfect Snack for wintery evenings

Winter is here now. The fluffy blanket spread over the earth looks stunningly beautiful. Fresh snow looks so tempting that you want to roll into into it but only if it wasn't so cold. On a day when the weather is gloomy and cloudy, the snow is falling continuously, there is no other entertainment then Idiot box what do you do with yourself ?Well have a cuppa garama-garam ( piping Hot) chai and some Mathi or mathari.
Mathi/mathari is originally a rajsthani snack
served generally with pickle. Mathi is a disc shaped, cookie like looking snack that is very crispy and every bite just melts in the mouth. Its so adorable that you can not get enough. The texture is just like cookie and the black pepper gives a feel of cocoa powder. Well the smell is divine and once you see it you want to grab one and bite into it. For all the calorie conscious this isn't for you firstly it is deep fried and secondly a dash ( a li'll more than dash ) is added to the dough while kneading it but its holiday season so a little indulgence is perfectly okay( at least this is how i pacify myself).
Lets check the recipe.
1 cup all purpose flour/ Maida
1/4 cup wheat flour ( Optional) [ I prefer wheat flour so i add this though the original recipe does not call for this]
3 tbl spn ghee [ I have used oil and the taste is perfectly nice]
1 tbl spn Ajwain/carom seeds
1 tbl spn black pepper powder
5-10 tbl spn lukewarm water
salt as per taste
oil for frying
Method:Mix both the flours together. add pepper powder and carom seeds and mix well. Heat 3 tbl spns of oil and add it to the flour. DO NOT touch the mixture with hands since the oil might burn your hands. Use a fork and mix it. Now add water one spn at a time and Knead well till the dough is soft enough to roll. roll small discs which are as thick as cookies. deep fry on medium
flame till they are golden in color.

Watch out this space for my snowman , Xmas tree & holiday goodies.


Vcuisine said...

Savory fried items are ideal for this season as you said PoojaV. Nice photo. Viji

Happy cook said...

I have never had them but looks delicious on a winter day

Red Chillies said...

I love mathris anytime. Loved that photo too, it looks very crispy and crunchy!

Sagari said...

mathi lookss pefecttttt and delecioussssssss lovely recipeeee

Namratha said...

This is a new snack to me, haven't hear of it before...looks good to try :) It's raining hard here now, would sure love to have some hot crispy snack..:)

Pooja V said...

Hi Vcuisine : Thanks :). Yeah eating is one of many ways to keep ur self busy!

Hi Happy cook : U must try them, I am sure u will njoy every bite.

Hi Red Chillies : Glad u liked it.

Hi Sagari : Thanks, glad u dropped by.

Hi Namratha : You have gotten the right thing at the right time.

Kris said...

nice recipe. my mom usually makes a variation for christmas along with all the other christmas sweets - too much of sweet stuff with deadens the tastebuds unless you snack on stuff like this :)

Siri said...

Love ur Mathi Pooja..

~ Siri

Cynthia said...

Perfect snack indeed.

bee said...

this looks realy wonderful. was wondering if a baked version would work.

Pooja V said...

Hey bee: I think it should work though i have never tried it.

Laavanya said...

Pooja.. those look delicious. I made something a bit similar but cut them into small triangles and deep-fried. Must try this next.

kavita said...

Tried it today and came out pretty well. Goes well with tomato pickle. Thanks.

sangee vijay said...

Perfect crunchy snack for winter here...u have more interesting recipes..some r new to me...thanx for sharing..lovely blog..