Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Instant Savoury Dosa - Dhirde

This is my last post for this year. Like every year i have made a few resolutions. I will list a few here
1 ) Blog regularly and be a good blogger.
2 ) Try to improve on my photographic skills.
3) Read more books ( My favourite thing in the world..just after or before( not sure) blogging.
4) Visit the gym regularly.
5) Cook healthy & nutritious food.
6) Be nice ..That sums everything else i guess.

I wish all my readers a very happy new year. Thanks for being nice to me , appreciating me & encouraging me. I hope you have a fun & prosperous year ahead.

I am not a maharashtrian by birth but have spent 5 years there and there are no maharashtrian delicacies on my blog. I thought of a very easy-to-make, tasty and savoury dish - Dhirde. Its basically an instant dosa with coriander leaves, garlic and chillies. Dhirade is also a common savoury is my kitchen. I love the idea of one meal dish and dhirade being versatile can be eaten with pickle, raita , chutney or even sauce. On days when i am lazy to even lift a extra spoon i just eat it with sauce or pickle but when i am completely "into" cooking mode i even make some chutney as well raita.
Dhirade is basically made from rice flour. It is seasoned with cilantro leaves, garlic and chillies. rice flour is a staple in my kitchen. the soft, gooey texture of this flour goes very well with the slight heat of the chillies. garlic & cilantro add the much required taste of fresh ingredients. since the flour becomes gooey after adding water , adding c couple of drops of oil makes easy to pour it onto the griddle and make dosas. dhirade is not very thick like pancake but it isn't paper thin as dosa either. once the griddle is hot, dhirde will take less than 3-4 minutes to completely cook.
Dhirade is like dosa but the texture is very different. Its very soft and luscious. When you bite into hot a piece of this, it just melts in your mouth. I totally relish dosas. regular dosa and coconut chutney is my favourite Sunday breakfast and sometimes brunch. Dosa being blend needs some condiment where as dhirde can be savoured with homemade butter/makkhan/loNi.
I am so dying to eat mine. Lets go to the recipe.

1 Cup Rice flour
1 tbl spn garlic paste
2 tbl spn cilantro leaves
1 t spn turmeric powder
1 tbl spn finely chopped chilies
1/2 t spn Red chili powder
salt as per taste
warm water
2 tbl spn oil ( for batter)
Oil for frying

Mix all the ingredients togatehr and keep aside for 5 mins. Heat griddle, smear some oil and pour the batter. Cook till it starts leaving sides & its a little brownish on both the sides.

**** The batter will have all the flour settled at the bottom of the vessel so before pouring it on the griddle just mix everything to gather.


Asha said...

Happy new year sweetie. Good luck with your resolutions, I have few too this year! Dosa looks yum!:)

Meg Wolff said...

This looks delicious. Happy New Year.

Meg Wolff said...

This looks delicious. Happy New Year.

Sagari said...

delecious dosa and wish u a happy new year

Laavanya said...

Happy New Year Pooja. Dosa looks great!

Pooja V said...

Asha: Thanks Asha. I hope i can keep all of them till end of this year atleast.

Meg Wolf: Gla you stopped by. Happy New year to u too:).

Sagari: I am glad u liked it.

Laavanya: Thanks & glad u liked this.

Mocha said...

Happy New Year , Pooja. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have rice flour all the time in my pantry. thanks for a easy quick fix

Superchef said...

looks gr8...was looking for variations in dosa recipes...shud defenitely try this one..

Cynthia said...

Happy new year! And all the best with your resolutions.

musical said...

Hi Pooja, lovely dosa. There's something similar to this in Kashmiri cuisine too. Happy New Year to you, dear.