Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicken Tikka : does it tickle you taste buds ?

Chicken Tikka is basically chicken pieces mixed with spices & yoghurt which is cooked in Traditionally Indian clay oven. Well this is not the only way to cook it; it can be grilled / barbecued, cooked in oven as well. Yeah yeah , You can cook it in your very own oven. I was just so thrilled when a friend told me this. Infact I went straight to the grocery store and bought some chicken to make tikka right away. Actually this is one of my favorite starters but I was missing them so much since we moved here. A couple of years back eating out was a part of weekend rituals when I was single & working in pune. Me N my roomies would go out for dinners on Saturdays. Saturday suited us more since then the maid could in late since no dish washing and because of this we could sleep till late. Our favorite appetizer was Chicken Tikka, I am so glad I can continue hogging these again. I so glad my friend shared the recipe with me.

The first time I tried, they were good but the second time I broiled them and the results were exceptionally good. The kebabs have to be pre planned since you have to marinade them at least for 6-8 hours. Yeah this is the only sad part since you cannot make the them when you just feel like having them. Please be very careful that chicken has cooked thoroughly well.

Chicken Tikka

1 lb chicken (2” cubed pieces )
2 tbl spn oil / butter/ ghee

For Marinade
8 tbl spn thick dahi
1 tbl spn cumin powder
1 tbl spn coriander powder
½ tbl spn garam masala
½ tbl spn tandoori masala
1 tbl spn Ginger garlic paste
¼ tbl spn green chili paste
½ tbl spn Red chili powder
Sat as per taste

Recipe ** For Marinade
Tie dahi in a muslin cloth and place some heavy weight over this to remove all the water. After about 10 min, remove dahi and mix it with all the other ingredients. Make sure this paste is every thick. It should NOT be runny.
Coat chicken pieces with this paste and refrigerate overnight. Make sure you have used an airtight container or else you refrigerator will have a garlicky stink.

** For Tikka.
Pre heat over at 350 F. Lightly brush the pieces with oil / ghee/ butter, I used oil. Thread the chicken pieces in the skewers. Now cover these with aluminum foil. Place this tray in the oven and cook for 20-30 min. Check the chicken if it is cooked.

Now start the broiler and broil this for about 6-10 min. Broiling lends a crispy-on-the-outside texture. Remove this and serve with sautéed onions and bell pepper.
** If you are using skewers then make sure you soak them in water for about 30 mins. This way they do not burn while the chicken is cooking.
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Asha said...

Yes madam they always tickle our taste buds!! Looks yum.

Happy cook said...

Oh YES it indeed tinckle ma all over :-))))

Cynthia said...

Yes it does! Makes me want to have some now.

Pooja V said...

Hi Asha: Great to hear back from you.

Hi Happy cook: I am happy to hear this.

Hi Cynthia: Come over for lunch/dinner & i'll make some for u.

Sagari said...

yummm tikka looks deleciousss

bindiya said...

Yummy Pooja, very tempting ,will make these soon!

Shella said...

Your paratha, soup n the chicken tikka all are awesome. Love the looks of the tikka. They must have tasted really good.