Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kathi kebab

If you are a vegetarian then click here for Paneer version.
A few days back I had a posted a recipe for kheema and had mentioned about a yummy dish with the leftovers. Here I am with that dish. This is an excellent way to finish of kheema or any other boneless chicken dish. I am very particular about not wasting a grain of food. So generally I recycle it and try to make something fancy (whenever possible). Sometimes I make extra kheema so that I can make kathi kebabs the next day.
Kathi Kabab owes its origin to the North Eastern province of India. It started as a cuisine of the princely states of the province and found its way to the common man's stomach as a quick wholesome bite. This is a wholesome dish for it includes a roti wrap from outside having an inner covering of eggs, with some spicy chicken filling topped with salad for the extra crunch; mint chutney adds the much required herbaceous flavor, and drizzle of lemon juice. This is a no-fuss-meal since just carrying a wrap is easier.
This dish is popularly known as nizams kathi kebab. These were originally served at roadside kiosks but they made their entry to clubs, restaurants and gourmet food. This is the Indian entry to Frankie’s and such other wraps.
If you visit a roadside kiosk, that bhaiya will very meticouly makes this roll right in front of you. First he’ll start with heating the food on red hot tava. Once this phase is complete its time for show time. Generally they keep half cooked romali rotis or rotis at hand. He’ll break an egg on the rim of the tava with one hand and pour it on one side of the roti. Then this is cooked till done. Now our cooking phase is complete. Its time to assemble the dish. Pour the chicken; add sliced onions (generously). Add mint chutney and drizzle with lemon juice. Wrap this and Yo you are done. The traditional recipe calls for chicken to be cooked as kebabs on skewers and grilled till done. But kheema works excellently.
One of the best NKK served in pune are at Kapila kathi kebab on Dhole Patil road. The guy is always surrounded by a big mop ready to grab a bit right from the griddle. This place was inexpensive for they served a whole kebab with double filling for just Rs 15-20 but after about 3 yrs the prices have been more than doubled. But the price is worth every bite. Just a small disadvantage there is no place to sit and eat but heck it’s a wrapped kebab so grab it and walk away.
You can change the recipe to suit your palette. This works best for me. So let’s go ahead and check the recipe.


{In Clock wise order, Dough for roti and lemon for drizzle just before wrapping; sliced onions, leftover kheema, eggs, mint chutney}
1 cup chicken kheema
2 rotis (almost cooked).
1 egg
1 cup finely sliced onion
2 tbl spn mint chutney
Oil for frying.

Heat the griddle. Pour the chicken on the griddle and warm it up and keep aside. Beat the egg and apply half the quantity to one side of the roti.
Drizzle some oil over the griddle. And cook this paratha.
Place in a plate and assemble the wrap. Pour kheema uniformly in the centre of the roti. Add onions over it. Top it with some spicy mint chutney and drizzle the lemon juice.
Wrap it in paper and you are all set.

We’ll meet again over the weekend for breakfast.


Richa said...

oh yeah! that looks yum, i make the veg version. when in a crunch for time you can use tortilla, hv posted my frankie version :)

Laavanya said...

I checked out the Paneer version and that looks great. I like the collage too.

Tee said...

I love kathi kebabs and its been ages since i had one. Your kathi kebabs look so good !This is going down in my bookmarks:)
Kapila kathi kebabs are awesome! Also there was a small Iranian cafe on east street which had kathi kebabs on their menu...and rather good ones, i don't remember its name though. Next time I go to India, I am visiting both places :)

Pooja V said...

richa:oh tortillas will definietly save a lot of time !!

Hi Laavanya : Paneer version is genrally made with left over paneer burji.

Hi Tee: Me too love Kapila for KK N i know tht Iranian place but hv forgotten the name. Let me know how these come out.

Mallika said...

Hi Pooja - that looks delicious. I'm cooking food for a party soon, kathi rolls might be a perfect snack to consider!

Pooja V said...

Mallika: This is just perfect snack for any party.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Pooja....Cute post...Loved every bit :-)

Asha said...

Very tasty and easy to handle.My kids eat like that usually!:))

remya said...

looks yum!!!my first visit here.kababs are all time fav snack...i like chicken kabab...lovely rolls pooja:-)

Sharmi said...

Thanks for the paneer version. looks yum.

Pooja V said...

Hi Sirisha: I am glad you stopped by and liked everything.

Hi Asha : U bet !! Indian food especially tiffin packed cannot be easier and yummy !

Pooja V said...

Hi remya: I am so glad you liked my space. Keep visiting for more recipes.

Sharmi : U r welcome here. Its a healthy, and quick dish.

Anonymous said...

your kathi kebab looks yum, was searching for dinner ideas & you made my task easy!:))

Superchef said...

i "clicked" for the panner version n loved it!!

bindiya said...

Hi Pooja, I am a huge fan of these,loved the recipe,wish I could have some now:)

Pooja V said...

Hi patti : I am glad you liked this.

Hi Superchef: I so glad you liked this and it makes an excellent dish with leftover paneer burji.

Hi bindiya : Sure you can have some now. They are always a YES now.


hi that is a nice one...the presentation n explanations r good

Pooja V said...

Hi Shanti : thanks for stopping by ! I am glad you liked it.

Namratha said...

Wow Pooja, your description totally reminded me of brother and I often had these rolls in Bangalore at Fanoo's. Yummy! I'm checking the veggie version too, that's what I can make at home!

Sreelu said...

Pooja, I love for kathi kebeb, more specifically I love your cute dough cat.Had this in a local resturarnt recently and loved it,veggi version though

Happy cook said...

Super delicious. I woudn't mind one for me. Tge step by step pick is really handy.

Pooja V said...

Hi Namratha : KK whether veg or non-veg taste so heavenly , i can grab one netime.

Hi Sreelu: Glad that you noticed that cat face.

Hi Happy cook : Come over or gimme you address will send a batch for u.

Mocha said...

I like your atta with the ears. HEHEHHE . I make it with tortilla and different recipe for kebab. Should try this one instead xt time.

Gauri said...

madam aap toh pakane mein aur likhne mein mahir ho gayi hai
well done sweets!

Medha said...

Pooji! Tried the Kathi Kebab yesterday... It turned out awesome! Liked the collage steps you have put together! great job!