Monday, October 29, 2007

Batata Vada / Vada Pav

One of India’s most popular snacks is Batata vada. It’s a simple deep fried food served at every nook and corner across India. Whether you are in a big city or a rural village, this snack will be available. This is popularly called as vada pav in Maharashtra and very very popular in Mumbai. This is served as breakfast or snack in almost all eateries across Maharashtra. Infact "karjats Diwadkar vada pav " is extremely popular in Mumbai. Vada pav is Mumbai’s answer to the burger. Infact many varieties of these humble patties are available now. Cheese vada pav which is serve with cheese , jain vada pav which has no onion or garlic, sandwich vada pav where the bread is coved with butter and green chutney and vada is sandwiched between the bread.

Vada pav is basically potato based deep fried patties served with pav or bread. the patty is made out of boiled, mashed potato mixed with onion, ginger, garlic chilies and herbs like cilantro. The out coating is gram-flour which is seasoned with chili powder. In Maharashtra vada is a flattened patties whereas in other states like goa, Karnataka etc it’s a spherical. VP is a very popular breakfast item across Maharashtra it is served at every eatery there. Another interesting side dish served with vada pav is deep fried green chilies. Many people cannot eat vada pav without this condiment. If you do not like it with pav or do not have some on hand then just serve it with some condiments like chutney, ketchup etc.
Although this is a very tasty and taste bud tickling food it has high levels of trans-fats. You are a regular at eatery to savor this please be cautious since they use the same oil again and again which have very high levels of trans-fats. But there is no harm in indulging in this tremendously popular snack once in a while. It’s best to eat it at home since we do not use the same oil again and again. Let’s move onto the recipe now.
I am generally not very fond of deep fried food like French fries, potato chips etc. People say I am insane not to like these things. I prefer shallow fried food over deep fried food. Another thing I hate about deep fried food is the oil cannot or rather should not be used for re used for frying so finishing off oil is also a big headache. I am also scared of frying just looking at the hot oil in the wok. But once in while I like indulging in deep fried foods like vada pav, medu wada etc. Now let’s check the recipe.

2 big potatoes, boiled
1 chopped onion
1" ginger
2 cloves of garlic
4 chilies
1 tbl spn chopped cilantro
salt to taste

For tempering
1 tbl spn oil
1 t spn Mustard seeds
4-5 curry laves
a pinch asafetida

For the outer coating
1 cup besan
1 t spn red chili powder
salt to taste

Oil for frying

Mash boiled potatoes with a potato masher. Add chopped onions. Make a paste out of chilies, ginger & garlic without adding water. My blender does not grind without water so a finely grated these with a cheese grater. Add salt, cilantro. In a tadka-pan, heat oil. Add mustard seeds, when they splutter add hing, curry leaves and turmeric powder. Pour this over the potato mixture. After 5 mins mix everything thoroughly. Make balls out of these and flatten them.

For the Outer coating
Mix besan, chill powder, salt and add water ( little at a time). Whisk together so it does not become lumpy.

For Frying:
Heat oil in a Kadai/wok. After the oil has heated as required, dip the potato in besan batter till it covers the patties uniformly. Now slowly and carefully add this to the hot oil. Do not add many vadas at a time in the kadai.
Fry these till golden brown and serve with pav or some condiments.

p.s. For Jain vada pav Use a plantain and do not add onions, garlic and ginger.
For variation try this with bread coated with mayo. Tastes absolutely fab.


Asha said...

Looks delicious! I could use some this morning,it's cold here!:))
Frying once in a while is okay. Hurts us only if we fry something or the other twice a week regularly!!

Saju said...

that looks so yummy! I love your description.
Sometime instead of frying I cover with bread crumbs and bake in the oven. But I have to admit it is not as nice. We call them batata vara and make them spherical. I haven't any for yonks, must make them soon.

Padma said...

Hey same pinch, I made them this weekend to fulfill my bombay wada-pav cravings.... looks so delicious!

bindiya said...

Vada Pao or Pav is a hot favorite,this looks good!

Laavanya said...

Wow Pooja.. this looks too good. You've got me craving for this early in the morning.

Happy cook said...

Delicious. I second Asha i too would love to have them.

Manasi said...

Love vada pav's!!! just had one yesterday! Perfect snack for me- tea-time and anytime!!

Pooja V said...

Asha : So true, i am more scared of the hot oil rather than calories :)

Hi Saju : I loved the idea of bread crumbs and baking, will try it out soon.

Padma : They are simply yummy !!

bindiya : I completely agree, They can be eatne at any time.

Hi Laavanya : You are a pro cook these vadas are simple for u.

Hi Happy cook : Join me for tea & i'll make some for you.

Hi Manasi: Anytime snack !!

TBC said...

I could do with one of those right now. I'm so hungry!

Lakshmi said...

It's raining here and I am hungry. That delicious vada is so inviting esp toa cup of coffee...

sagari said...

looks very yummy nice recipe

Pooja V said...

TBC : Joine me and i'll make a batch just for you !

Lakshmi: Ohh yeah !!

sagari : Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Eskay said...

Thanks for stopping by Pooja. I have now added your blog to my blog roll.

Vada Paav...Cool!! Reminds me so much of home...Mumbaiyya! Rainy day and Vada paav with chai..too good to refuse.


lakshmi said...

I am missing bombay now :( - will make this tomorrow

Namratha said...

Yummy, one of my favourites!!

Shella said...

Never had Vada Paav Pooji. It looks quite delicious

Dee & Chai said...

Looks Yum, Pooja- You have a great collection here. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We have added you to our roll.

Ashu said...

hi Pooja! mast recipe mago.. have try kelle from mumbai-masala. that turned out yummy too...diwalik fov mago ??

Pooja V said...

Hi Eskay : Thanks for the lovely words and i am deligted to be on your roll.

Hi lakshmi : Sure !! i think i will also make these.

Hi Namratha : Mine too :)

Hi Shella : Its MUST TRY then. You will fall in love instantly with this.

Dee & Chai : Wow..i am so excited to be on your roll.

Hi Ashu : Hay go, faw ani chanchyachi god usal. Kasale faw karatale go tu ?

Ashu said...

mazi mummy yeta nhi goh.. so it'll be different varieties :)

btw seniorak valkhana goh ?? :p
orkutan check kar kon te :D

Ashu said...

oops sorry.. ur not in my friends' list in orkut...

Cynthia said...

It really does look delicious, Pooja and I'm sure it tastes great too.

Seena said...

glad to see u back. loved reading your description. have never been to Mumbai, so this was very useful reading. Especially I make the coriander chutney without this.

Anonymous said...

this is really nice recipe. i like the recipe for batata vada feeling. usually in lots of blogs they used mashed seasoned potato as feeling. but this tempered masala tastes way better than that.
could you please post chutney recipe that accompanies batata vada?
thanks for this wonderful recipe.

Apani Rasoi said...

Very nice and detailed recipe steps.

Apani Rasoi