Sunday, September 9, 2007

Plate full of Samosas for a rainy evening

Whats Your Favorite Snack?
Ans: Samosa

Its monsoons in India at this time. You actually feel the monsoon season if you are a resident in a coastal place like Mumbai, kerala, Goa etc. In monsoons, the tiny pearls of pure water ( combined with many chemicals if you are a resident of a big city) touch your skin giving way to cool weather after the harsh summers. The mighty fall as though from a far away galaxy onto a tree, then branch of a tree and finally on mother earth makes you want to dance. The smell from earth is enchanting, you have to experience it to feel the smell. I have very fond memories of monsoon and some very scary memories.
Fond memories include eating fresh field grown mushrooms, black fresh water crabs ( yumm), getting wet in rains on the way home from school; Scary or not so fond memories include not eating fresh fish for days together, damp clothes hanging in almost every corner of house ( since it pours n pours n pours ...non stop in goa). Gosh !! I have memories of eating only :(...I am totally addicted to food ( on contrary to popular belief that I eat only a bite or two). AS a child our evenings in the monsoons were spent indoors cause outdoors used to be soaked in rains. We spent these evenings sipping ginger chai or lemongrass chai with some piping hot fried food. Most of the times it was onion bhajji. When mom wasn’t busy she would make samosas, batata wade or medu wade. I thought my mom made the best samosas in the world till I ate them at my friend n neighbor AHK's place. They were super easy to make with very less pre-preparation time. The stuffing for change wasn’t potato filling. I just loved these and asked AHK to gimme the recipe. One evening she called me home for tea and showed me the detailed procedure. That angel also packed a plate full of samosas for K. We just love her for her kindness. This post is basically as a "Thank you" note to AHK. Love u ...muah !!


For Stuffing
1 cup boiled green peas
1" ginger
4 green chilies ( I used chili paste)
2 fistful of coriander leaves
t t spn sugar
1 t spn jeera
1 tbl spn oil
a pinch of amachoor ( optional)
salt as per taste

For Outer covering
2 big scoops of Maida
1 tbl spn oil
salt as per taste

Oil for frying

We'll make knead the dough first.
Heat oil and add to Maida. Now add salt and water and knead it till soft. Apply a drop of oil to your hands and rub it on the outside of the dough. Let it rest in that time we'll prepare the stuffing.

For the stuffing:
Boil the peas ( incase you are using fresh peas). Press the peas hard with the hand masher to get the mashed feel. Do not mash into a paste.
Grind together ginger, coriander leaves, chilies ( without adding water). My blender does not grind without water so I finely grated ginger, chopped coriander leaves very finely, . Heat oil, add jeera. When the cumin seeds splutter, Add the paste or finely grated ingredients. fry till it is aromatic. Now add the peas, sugar and salt. cook this till all the water has evaporated. Do not leave any water.
Let this mixture cool.

Start rolling the dough into small chapattis. cut into half with a knife. fold into a triangular samosa. Put the filling, fold it.
we generally fry on high flame but this is to be fried on very low flame till golden brown.

Serve with ketchup or meethi chutney or mint chutney.
Hope this makes your monsoon evening cozy and fun.

This is my entry to Whats Your Favorite Snack? event hosted by Hima of snackorama


Bharathy said...

Nice step by step illustrations!.I am too lazy to make samosas and end up buying them hot!..Love them with a hot cup of chai.Rainy evening is just perfect!..

Redchillies said...

Yummy! I have never tried stuffing without potato. Must try for me!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Delicious pooja!Love samosas!

Richa said...

oh my! u made those at home, gorgeous :) liked the idea of just peas, lovely!!

Asha said...

Samosas, any time and any day are good for me!! Looks yum!!Now that you entered the snack event......, there is another event called....well you know!!;D

Pooja V said...

Hi Bharathy: Thanks :)!

Hi Redchillies: Try this filling you will fall in love with this instantly.

Hi Latha: Thanks for the lovely words !

Hi Richa, Its a very simple filling but v v tasty.

Hi Asha : yeah Samosas are good for me too..always !!! yeah yeah of course :) but i am not particularly sure if this will qualify for RCI-K.

Happy cook said...

Today i was saying to my hubby tgat i should make samosas,
Yours really look delicious.
Samosa is also one of my favorite snacks.
I think i've lot of favorite snacks :-)))

Jayashree said...

Like the way you've given us pics of each step in the process. Thank you.

Pooja V said...

Hi happy cook: I Think you can make them today ! Thanks for te sweet words. I also have lotsa fav snacks.

Hi Jayashree : Thank u for the lovely words.

Seena said...

My favourite too..I love all spicy snacks..was thinking to post samosas..

Rajitha said...

pooja.. i have a great idea..why don't i shift closeby to ur that you invite me for tea and make samosas for me and at the end send some home for my husband (which i shall eat before he comes home ..he he)..
yummy samosas..makes me drool

Pooja V said...

Hi seena: U thot and i posted :). Thanks for dropping by !

Hi rajitha: U r most welcome to do that !!

Jeena said...

Fantastic samosa recipe Pooja they look YUMMMY! I loved reading about monsoon great post thanks. :)

Nags said...

samosas and bhajis , rain, evening, bean bags, friends, heaven!

Laavanya said...

Thanks for the detailed steps for those great looking Samosas

Pooja V said...

Hi Jeena, Thaks for the kind words :).

September 10, 2007 6:56 AM
Hi Nags: Yeah v tru wht more can u ask for on a rainy day !

Hi Laavanya : U r most welcome dear :).

Tee said...

samosas look amazing! great step by step pictures and procedure, and using peas instead of potato is a great idea. :)

Pooja V said...

Hi Tee: thanks for stopping by. I loved these and glad that u liked it too.

ServesYouRight said...

You go, girl! You are one hard working cook! All my favorite foods - from misal pav to samosas are on your blog!!!


easycrafts said...

wow, nice samosas, very much tempting....

Pooja V said...

Hi Smita: Thanks for dropping by !! Glad u appreciated my work ..keep looking at this space for more delicious recipes.

Hi easycrafts: Thanks for the kind words :).

Kajal said...

In rainy day’s any one give this delicious plate than feel like heaven my dear....I love your Samosas with three different chutney. Nice entry and great work my dear........:)

Hima said...

My favorite too. Those are lovely samosas. Thanks for your entry.

Pooja V said...

Hi Kajal:Thanks Kajal. Yeah on a rainy day therez nothing like eating piping hot samosas.

Hi Hima: Thanks for the appreciation.

Sharmi said...

lovely looking samosas. I am craving for some now. going to make them this week:)

Shivanand said...

Yummy !!! Without POTATO is a must try, i shall try this weekend and let u know the results !

Keep rockin'