Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Independence Day ---Vande Mataram

Indian Independence Day is on the 15th August, well everyone is aware of that. Our motherland has seen it all in this period. Its been a roller coaster ride for her, and she is still going strong. On the day of Independence day our then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru said "To bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman."
In these 60 years, Bharatmata ( Motherland) has seen peace & war, love and hatred, life and death. Now it is in our hands to make this a better place to live for our next generations to come. We have emerged victorious in wars along the borderlines. Time and again we have prove that we are proud to be Indians. Today we are working towards building a more secular , more powerful and economically strong India. We say we have achieved it all, But honestly have we ?
I am proud to be a citizen of shining India, But i would like to also get your attention to the non-shining India. Even today there are millions of people living below the poverty line. Illiteracy is a huge problem. government thinks that an end to child labour will take of this problem but this doesn't seem to work. With boom in Indian economy , India is progressing at a rapid rate but the framers suicide problem is also the same side of the coin. On One hand we claim to be a secular country and on the other hand we make reservations in all the educational institutions based on caste. This is just so unfair.
We claim to be a big democratic nation but common men's rights are not protected ( do i have to be explicit here ?) . Corruption is a huge issue in India. Almost every government employee takes bribes, from halwadar to DCP, ACP etc. Do you really believe these people Will take care of you when need be ? Alls not lost still....Justice prevails like in Jessica Lal murder case but the percentage is really small. We have the future in our hands. Our freedom fighters gave up their lives for this country, is this the way we payback?
We fight back for equality of gender but in rural India female foeticide is found in backyard. In rural parts people still want a male child. When we talk about Indian infrastructure we are only shown pictures of Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc. Try driving on Pune roads. they suck . Every monsoon hundreds of people die because of road accidents in Pune; still no one is ready to even talk about it let alone work towards making them better.
I do not want to sound pessimistic, but these are the facts that send a chill down my spine. We are a potential super-power ( as claimed by govt) but is this how citizens of a powerful country should be treated ? Don;t we deserve better?
I do not want to play the blame game, If we vote for a government that takes interest in our rights-privileges, basic needs, a clean non-corrupt government than trust me India will be "THE" place to live in.
I am proud to be an indian, Vande Mataram.
I would also like to add a small note ( this is for post Independence day i.e. 16th aug): people buy flags for the I day and do not take enough efforts to keep it respectfully. In case you see any flag on the road please pick it up carry with you or just place it somewhere high so that it doesn't come under your feet. Indian flag deserves much more respect. In case you are buying for your self or your kids please take enough care that it does not come under your feet.
Thanks .

Now for the recipe, Caramel Custard . After all this bitter truth I wanted a sweet aftertaste in my mouth so i decided on caramel Custard. This is one dessert that's real close to my heart and its one of the first dishes i ever made in my life. Its a very simple recipe which tastes awesome all the time. I don't have a sweet tooth but when it comes to CC i have a sweet jaw. Generally people make it in an oven but i make it like my mom in a pressure cooker...yeah sounds weird to some people but trust me the tastes just awesome.

Caramel Custard

2 cups whole Milk
3 Eggs
2 slices of brown ( or white ) bread
1/2 t spn Vanilla essence
1 cup sugar
2 tbl spn for caramel

As the name suggest we will make caramel first and than the dessert. First boil the milk and let it cool off. In a mean time prep the other things. Whisk together eggs, bread, sugar. Fold in the shredded pieces of bread. After the milk is cold, fold it in the mixture. Whisk together till a nice uniformity in texture is obtained.

Put the sugar ( 2 tbl spn ) in d vessel and sprinkle some water ( abt 2 tbl spn) on it. Heat this on a low flame till sugar melts and you see a nice bright golden color. Use tongs and cover the entire bottom of the vessel is coated with caramel.
Pour in the mixture, Put it in the pressure cooker and cook up to 3 whistles. Chill this for a minimum of 5 hrs. Serve chilled.

Hope you had a very fun Independence Day. Vande Mataram.


Asha said...

Vande Mataram!!!:))
Custard cake looks delicious, enjoy the day and the cake too!:)

Shella said...

It looks gorgeous. I wish I could have a pc of it right now. When is this virtual exchange going to get real!!!

Pooja V said...

Hi Asha: Thanks for stopping by !!

Hi Shella: Next time i make it i am sending some to you. Let me know whr it should be sent.