Friday, July 20, 2007

Tamrind Sauce/ khatti mithi chutney

"WTSIMS", I pondered all evening thinking what I can come up with for this event. sauces stocked at home all store bought except for one. when i started cooking it for the first time I wasnt sure whether I could pull it off. After all the hardwork, the results were astonishing.This is my entry for "WTSIMS".
In my ancestral place ( in India) we have lots of tamarind trees around our house. My mom has never bought tamarind from the market. My aunt is her supplier. Every spring-summer my aunt collects all the ripened tamarind pods, de-shells it cleans it and dry its in the sun. Then they are carefully rolled in balls and some salt is applied to them for longer lasting ( sometimes they last up to 2 yrs, salt prevents fungal growth ). These air tight jars they ddorn the kitchen shelves for the entire year.
Any of Indian street food is incomplete with khati-mithi chutney or tamarind sauce. We are both total street food fans. I try to make bhel at least once in two weeks. I have recently realized Ragda pattice is also simple to make since I replace patties with hash browns. This sauce/chutney is multi purpose. Since we add a dash of jaggery in our dal/Aamti I sometimes replace jaggery+ kokum with this sauce. Its very useful as condiment hen serving Dhokla etc. It tastes the best when served chilled. A jar about 16oz will last for months. I will post the recipe of this today and follow it up with ragada patties soon.

1 cup cleaned, de-seeded tamarind

1/2 cup pitted dates
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups water
3/4 cup jaggery
1 tsp. salt ( optional)

Soak the tamarind in 1 cup ( keep 1 cup aside) warm water for 10 mins. Heat the remaining water. When the water is hot , add the tamarind( along with water), jaggery, sugar, dates. Boil this for about 10 minutes till dates, tamarind is soft and sugar and jaggery have dissolved. Cool to room temperature. Blend till smooth. Pass it through a sieve. Now heat this strained mixture. Boil till it thickens. Store in clean airtight containers and refrigerate.

p.s. You Will have to dilute this when serving with any chat, dhokla etc. You could also adjust the sweet-tangy taste depending on the tartness of the tamarinds.


Asha said...

YUM!! What a entry for that sauce event!:)
I love this with any Chaat.

Mahek said...

you know pooja ,
I make a similar chutney but the only extra ingredient used is whole jeera while grinding ,it gives it such a great flavour that it can be used for all chaat items even on dahi wadas.

Shella said...


My MIL makes this all the time, & keeps in the fridge. Comes handy while making chaat or bhelpuri

Pooja V said...

Hi Asha: Thanks!!

Hi Mahek: Yeah..i think it will be a good idea to add jeera powdr.

Hi Sheela it definitely come handy.