Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tava Fried mushrooms

This is my entry to Nupur's( One hot stove) A-Z of Indian Vegetables.

Tava Fried Mushroom

Its rainy season in India now and monsoons have already hit the tiny state of Goa. I have very fond memories of Goa monsoons. Its nice and lush green everywhere, the temperatures aren't too high. Just nice and pleasant. It pours cats and dogs there so a cup of piping hot tea/coffee and plate full of bhajjis is never a no-no. Earlier In my ancestral place near our house we grow lot of fresh vegetables. They would be specially planted for ganesh chaturthi. Loads of okra, alu/cola cassia leaves, cucumbers, breadfruit, bananas, chilies, chibud. these were grown every year. Mom and my aunts would then make some festive delicacies out of this. Every year we would also get a lot of mushrooms ( edible variety). These are available in the month of "shravan" ( fifth month as per the lunar calendar) . If you have stayed in Goa than you would agree that the freshly cut, naturally grown mushrooms are the BEST. They would grow in such large quantities that we would eat them at least twice a week. The two mot popular dishes mom and grand mom would make are Tava fried mushrooms and Mushroom xacuti ( pronounced as sha-gu-ti).

Mushrooms are basically fungi that grow on soil or food. Many varieties are not edible and are poisonous too. Store bought mushrooms are button mushrooms and the one in Goa are field mushrooms. Mushrooms are called aLambi in konkani. you have stayed in Goa through out the monsoon than i am sure you have tried it. In goa these mushrooms are grown naturally so they have to be scrubbed thoroughly before eating them. They have a thick layer of mud above them. You have clean them for about an hour. I know this sounds like lotsa work but the results are worth the amount of work. In the rains when there is scarcity of fish we would fry mushrooms as an substitute for it. This is a very simple recipe and tastes damn good. You could serve it as starter too.

Tava fried mushrooms
Mushrooms cut vertically into halves
1 tbl spn chili powder
1/4 tbl spn garam masala
salt to taste
a fistful rava/semolina

Clean the mushrooms thoroughly. Cut them into halves vertically. Apply salt and keep aside for 5 mins. Now make a paste of chili powder, garam masala and dash of water. Coat the mushrooms slightly in this paste and roll into the semolina. Heat a greased pan and cook on medium flame till done.

They have lot of water content so cook till they are done. You are ready to win all the hearts with this yummy recipe.

p.s.: You could deep fry these if u like. But shallow fried are nice and crispy, a personal fav.


Nupur said...

Oh, my! I wish I could reach in and grab one of those delightful mushrooms! They look great, and would be a wonderful appetizer!
Maybe you will post the mushroom xacuti recipe sometime? :)

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting and appreciating my blog
goanche chalee paloon khoop baree disale....
do you still stay in Goa, i stay in mumbai but never forget to click pictures when i am on a visit.
i have lots of relatives in goa.
Tava fried mushrooms are my sons favorite dish
I didnt blog about it thanks for blogging.

Asha said...

Very creative Pooja.Love the look of it.crispy and yummy:)

Pooja V said...

Thanks Nupur for kind words !! i will post Xacuti soon, How about X for Xacuti ?

Mahek i dont stay in Goa nemore, in Pune since i got a job there and Now in US. But parents r still in Goa so would visit 'em often.

Hi Asha
They were very delicious and easy to make as well.

Supriya said...

I would love the recipe of Mushroom xacauti you use them slices or big pieces?

Pooja V said...

Hi Supriya,

I chop mushrooms and use them. I will surely post the recipe very soon.

Trupti Gowda said...

Hey Pooja,
The Recipie sounds yummy...i want to try out this dish but was wondering what kind of sauce or dip will go well with this. I had once had a dip which had a strong mustard flavour and was awsome..i loved it. I am on a lookout for an appropriate Dip/Sauce/Chutney what could be served with the Tava Fried Mushrooms. Thanks Trupti

Pooja V said...

These taste best with schezwan sauce, like the one served in indian restuarants with chicken lollipops.

Shella said...

I love mushrooms. Your dish looks excellent & crunchy

Pooja V said...

Hi Shella: Its just v delicious.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!