Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Paneer kathi Kabab

Eating out in Pune is like weekend ritual for everyone. You have to go early so that you can have dinner on time. You will see all the hotels/cafes/restaurants are jam packed. There is no place to even stand. To believe what I am saying you go to "Vaishali" or "Vadeshwar" on FC road. Well most of the hotels rather all of them are pure veg hotels. I being a non veggie wasn’t really fond of these places. I preferred going to camp/Dhole Patil road for a simple reason that I could eat good non veg food. In camp I would like marz-o-rin a lot. They serve great chicken/chutney s/w, thick shakes were a huge hit there. Even chat , pastries served immediately below marz-o-rin were yummy. I particularly
like "coconut Macrons". You bite into them and they would simply melt in your mouth.
Have been to the end of street, you get the best "pani puri" there. And for Biryani charcoal pit is the place. It’s amazing. People say "George" serves the best biryani but I havent had the chance to taste it. Though I love "Blue Nile Kababs " N their biryani is like out of the world. I was introduced to DP road by two of my friends (P &K). This road is full of eateries. You get Chinese, sizzlers, parathas, pastries, kababs etc etc. Speaking of kababs it’s a taste bud tickling experience. As you come to DP road after sohrab hall, you see a small kiosk (Kapila Kathi kabab) on your left hand side. That’s the place serving the best kababs in the world. You cannot miss it since the smell coming from there makes you turn that side. It’s a wonderful experience to sit behind on the steps of an old building and eat kathi kabab with some aerated water that these people sell. You get chicken and Paneer kathi kababs with single or double filling here.

Every month me n K would try and eat there. I had introduced him to these and since then he is hooked to these. After we came here in US we have been craving to eat these kababs. I though I will surprise him and cook some kathi kababs for him, but to my disappointment I didn’t have the most crucial frozen entree in the refrigerator, minced chicken/kheema. But I had some paneer lying so I thought I will make paneer kathi kababs.
So I started my culinary experiment. I wanted to make it more nutritious so instead of Maida I used Whole wheat flour.

Paneer kathi Kabab

For the Stuffing:
1 cup Paneer mashed
1/4 cup finely chopped tomatoes
1 tbl spn Garam masala
1 tbl spn Pav bhaji Masala
½ tbl spn Ginger-garlic paste
Turmeric Powder
Salt as per taste
1 tbl spn Oil


Heat oil, Fry Ginger-garlic paste for 2 Minutes. Now add onions and fry till they are translucent. Now add turmeric powder. Fry oil a couple of minutes. Add tomatoes. Cover the lid , let it stand on low flame for 2-3 mins. Now add all the masalas, add paneer. Stir continuously till all the paneer has been coated with masala. Add salt and cook till done.

For Second layer of kathi kababs you will need Pudina chutney.

Pudina Chutney:
1 bunch of mint/pudina leaves
3-4 green chillies
¼ cup coconut
A few drops of lemon
A little Sugar
Salt as per taste

Method: Blend together all the ingredients.

You will also need eggs to coat the Roti from inside before stuffing the paneer. Just crack an egg. Add salt and beat it. Keep aside.

For the Roti/Tortilla:
1 cup Wheat /All purpose/ Maida Flour
Little salt to taste

Mix salt in flour. Now add water n little by little to the flour till dough is soft. Knead it and let it rest for an hour at least. Make sure you cover it else the dough will be hard from the outside. Roll Out rotis and cook them. We need soft rotis so always wait till tava is v hot and always cook on high flame.

Take one roti and brush it beaten egg on one side ( do not give it a thick coating but a light coat ). Heat a pan , add a few drops of oil. Cook the side of the roti with egg till done. Now this roti is ready for stuffing. Take it off the griddle. Apple a layer of chutney on top of the egg that cooked . Now add the cooked Paneer. Finally add the finely julienne onions, coriander leaves. Squeeze some lemon drop onto it and roll it out. And wrap butter paper/ kitchen towel around it so that the stuffing does not fall out from the end.

You are all set for a relishing journey. These were almost the same as Kapila kathi was what K said. I was extremely happy with the outcome but I still miss kapila kathi since Just baked was our place for desserts. I guess I will have learn to bake cakes next for the sake of my sweet (cake) tooth (or jaw should I say ?)

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Nupur said...

I have eaten so many delicious meals at Vaishali :)
Thanks for sharing a tasty recipe!

Tee said...

I used to love kapila kathi kababs!!! This recipe brought back a lot of memories...will definitely try your recipe. Thanks!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

First time to ur blog....I love ur blog very much...Paneer kathi is Excellent idea...

verpooja said...

Hi Nupur, Thanks a lot !

nottyrose said...

hi wht's up there well thanks a lot for yr sincere effort it wil definately help me i as i m away frm my country miss my food
loves rashmi frm ghana...tkcr..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful receipe. I tried it today as a surprise to my wife and we both liked it.