Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainbow Colors -Voilet II

In my Last blog although I have prepared the dish from eggplant it isn’t the color that we are talking about so I decide to put up a very simple recipe that would go with our theme, violet. When we say violet it includes all shades like lavender, purple etc.
They say one can judge your personality from the colors you like. I like all the bright colors red, yellow, orange, apple green, peacock green, emerald green etc etc. these are all loud colors and of course HAPPY colors. But I also like lavender, peach, lighter green color, baby pink as well as many more pastel shades. So I would say I am a happy child.
Violet, purple or all the other mauves, have an aura of mystery and intrigue. Violet is associated with wit, super sensitivity, vanity and moodiness. Since violet is combination red and blue, which are opposites in many ways, hence the excitement, passion of red with the serenity of blue makes violet a color you would love. Well the preference of shades would definitely differ.

Amongst the purples and mauves, the shade I that I personally like is lavender; it’s a very beautiful color and soothing to eye. Lavender as fragrance is also awesome. And btw French lavender is edible. Since I love this color I would like to post two recipes in this hue. One is Blackberry Batido and second is Red Cabbage Pachadi(salad) . I hope you like it .

Blackberry is a small fruit black in color when it’s fully ripe. This fruit is similar to raspberry just that raspberries are red (or orange in case of orange variety) in color. It’s a very healthy fruit, One cup of blackberries contain 1 gram of protein and over 7 grams of dietary fiber. It’s a mine of minerals. Just a sip of this heavenly drink and I am sure u will lick your lips. So how’s it made ?

Blackberry Batido

3/4 cup blackberries
1 glass chilled milk
Sugar ( If you like it sweet)

Bland together all the ingredients and serve it with some home made brownies and grilled cheese sandwich.

Now we talk about red cabbage. As a child i was very fond of cabbage sabzi and didnt like many of the other veggies so this sabzi was almost a staple in our house and ultimately hated I it by the time i was around 11 years old. When i was about 15 years old i saw red cabbage for the first time and was amused. i remember the first look at the red cabbage and i thought the vegetable vendor is nuts to dye a green vegetable to make it more sellable. But my mom told me its a natural variety & then i saw people paying carzy money ( the price of red cabbage is almost double that of white/green cabbage in India). First time i bought red cabbage was when i participated in CREATIONS'99 in a off stage even called "Dress me veggies". Me n my friend 'W' from my class had participated and we won thr first place. Red cabbage is the same as white/green variety in terms of taste. So i tried cooking Red cabbage as normal sabzi. Although the taste of the sabzi was the same the color made a lot of difference. And i have been warned not to try this subzi again. But the Red cabbage in salads was a huge hit. Everyone at home seemed to like red cabbage salad more than the green cabbage salad...i guess from this i can infere that "its all in the color". Red cabbage is infact more nutritious. cabbage in raw form contains iron, calcium, potassium, high vitamin C contents, also vitamin B1,B2,B3 and D. Its best when eaten in raw state.
So let give u this amazing recipe that is very simple to cook yummy and packed with nutrients too.

Red Cabbage Pachadi

1 cup shredded cabbage
¼ t spoon oil
2 tbl spn peanut powder
½ tbl spn lemon juice
¼ tbl spn green chilly paste
¼ tbl spn Mustard seeds
Salt to taste
Asafoedita a pinch
Turmeric a pinch


Mix together shredded cabbage , peanut powder, and green chilies paste salt. Keep aside. Heat oil. Add mustard seeds, asfoedita, and turmeric. Now add this seasoning to the cabbage mixture already prepared. Mix well. This salad goes really well with any dish.

p.s. As of now I do not have any pictures of the above mentioned recipes. But I promise to put ‘em as soon as I get these. I hope you like it.

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