Monday, April 2, 2007

Nirpanas Kappa/Fodi {Breadfruit Fritters}

Almost all goans are fond of fried fish and eat them almost on daily basis. That’s staple with goan food. For veggies its "kapa/ fodi" i.e. Vegetable fritters. I like breadfruit kapa and can eat them anytime. Breadfruit or Nirpanas is a very commonly available commodity in Goa, konkan and manglore. Recently a friend of mine has found this in a Jamaican store, though i haven’t seen it here in US. This fruit is available almost round the year but in rainy season it is in abundance. One of the reasons being Shravan month where many households do no eat nonveg food. since childhood i have been eating this on almost on all Mondays in shravan since Mondays my mom would not cook non veg. Miss that now.
Many people like it deep fried but i prefer it shallow fried. It tastes better and is leaner too.

This is how a uncut breadfruit looks like.

After it is peeled and cut, it will look like this.

Nirpanas Kappa/Fodi {Breadfruit Fritters} Recipe
10-12 pieces of breadfruit/Nirpanas
1/4 cup Rava /fine semolina
pinch of hing
salt, as per taste
1/4 tbl spn chilli powder
pinch of turmeric powder
oil for frying.

Method:Peel the breadfruit and cut into 3 inches long and 1-2 cm thick. Sprinkle pinch of salt,hing,turmeric powder, chili powder with a few drops of water and shake the bowl so that it spreads evenly. Let it rest of 5 minutes. Heat a Tava/griddle and put a spoon full of oil. Now roll the breadfruit pieces one at a time in rava . Shake it to remove the excess. Fry the breadfruit pieces in oil on medium low flame till they are light brown on both the sides. If you use rava for rolling than the outcome is crispy, crunchy but some people prefer rice flour. You could you rice flour if rava is not available.
You could even bake these instead of frying. You will have to bake at 350 C for 8-10 mins on either side (till its browninsh on both sides).

p.s. I have not found breadfruit so I do not have pictures to show you the final dish, managed to get a few pictures from the to show you how it looks when uncut, peeled respectively.

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btw.. for me please start a new section with title as Beginner's guide.. i wanna learn cooking.. its big time i m away from kitchen.. gimme some tips yaar :)